Physical Description Edit

Mallory was a seventeen-year-old in her senior year at high school. Her appearance was striking, with golden-blond hair, golden tanned skin, and violet-blue eyes.

Family Edit

Mallory lived with her father, Danny DelGatto, in a small row house in Sonoma, a town north of the Golden Gate Bay in the Republic of California. It has been just the two of them since her mother died less than a year after Mallory was born.

Occupation Edit

High School student, then a salesperson in an upscale women's clothing store, and then secretly a student in Domdaniel Scholomance University of Magic, but pretending to be in the Management Training program of the Rainbow Burgers fast-food restaurant chain.

Religion Edit

Raised as a Roman Catholic, but not devout.


Her biological parents were Elizabeth Neuburg and Reynard Cadno-Lowrie. Elizabeth gave birth to her in secret, and then abandoned the newborn in a temple that was going to be demolished. Reynard had no idea he had any children. Danny DelGatto, who was working on the demolition crew, found the infant and took her home. The lawyer of a friend helped create fake birth records.