Married to Doctor Vance Tzedek.

Major Crimes Inspector in Sonoma California, where he works for Police Chief McNair.

Later becomes an Agent of The Order of the Chalice, where he works for Larry Ashavan.

Finally becomes an Agent of the Illuminati, where he is partnered with Professor Reynard Cadno-Lowrie and works for Master Dorje Rashomon.

Physical Description Edit

Inspector Kalev Tzedek was 42 years old, tall, dark, and handsome, and had a solid muscular build. His hair was graying at the temples. It was styled in an easy to maintain buzz cut, favoring utility over vanity. His name was exotic, showing his Persian ancestry, but nothing else about him was. He had light brown hair, light brown skin, light brown eyes, and a light brown trench coat. He was light brown personified. His personality was also light-brown. Quiet, unassuming, fades into the background, but always there, always watching.
Kalev Tzedek is a latent Nephilim. He has some of the personality characteristics, but no major paranormal abilities beyond "cop gut instinct". He tends to be a man of few words.

Family Edit

He was married to Doctor Vance Tzedek, and after their divorce lived with Danny DelGatto and functioned as the stepfather of Mallory DelGatto. He became friends and partners with Professor Reynard Cadno-Lowrie of Domdaniel Scholomance.

Occupation Edit

He was an Inspector with the City of Sonoma Police Department, then the State of Golden Gate Police Department, and finally the California Federal Bureau of Investigation. At the same time he was a double agent for both The Order of the Chalice and the Wands of the Illuminati.

Religion Edit

Kalev was of the Persian faith, but not devout. In the alternate universe of A:CotF, the Person religion is the approximate equivalent of Zoroastrianism combined with Judaism.

Like lots of people, Kalev has ambivalent feelings about the Church. His parents were raised in the Persian faith. When the Roman Catholics spread to the Middle East they tried to convert or assimilate the Persians and failed, so instead tried to convert them by force. Many Persians had to flee to other nations for their own safety. After his grandparents and others of their generation moved to California they remained Persian but were afraid to practice openly. As a result, Kalev's parents were not raised all that faithful, and neither was he.